Thank you for being an Advocate for Student Aid this session

Legislators notice when our advocates send emails, tweet, write letters and come to the State Capitol. Hundreds of private college students, college staff and others were strong advocates this past year. So to all of you who took the time to add to that impact—thank you!

Over the fall of 2017 and winter of 2018:

  • Students gathered on campus to write nearly 1,000 letters to Minnesota leaders.

  • Students came to the Capitol and wrote another 450 hand-written notes for Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders.

  • In addition, students held more than 200 in-person meetings with their legislators at the Capitol.

These notes and meetings reminded lawmakers that students are very grateful for financial aid and that advocates are paying attention.

Since there was no new funding this year, we must continue to make our voices heard. With spending bills scheduled for the 2019 legislative session, legislators should make two major strides to improve college affordability through the State Grant program:

  • First, they should award grants based on more reasonable expectations for families — in a way that better recognizes the financial situations of Minnesota’s students and families. This would increase the size of grants.

  • And, they should also restore the reach of the program — so that the program serves more students from middle-class families who need help.

Taking these two steps would represent an important commitment to helping college students.