Frequently Asked Questions

  • An advocate is a person who is willing to speak up about an issue that is important, like the importance of student financial aid.
  • Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid is made up of diverse people. You can be a parent or other family member, a student, a business owner, an alum or anyone who thinks that financial grants for Minnesota college students are important!
  • Advocates might talk to their local legislator, or write a letter to an editor, comment on an online news story or recruit other people in their community to get involved.

If you are interested in meeting a state representative or senator, Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid can help you get started. We’ll help you find the right person to meet with, give you tips on when and where to meet and explain how your story will make a difference. Contact Paget Pengelly for assistance.

You are most effective when you tell your own story…

  • At the State Capitol, meeting with your state representative or senator
  • Online, writing letters to the editor or posting comments on local news stories
  • In your community, helping local business and community leaders understand the importance of the Minnesota State Grant program
  • On this website, posting a story about why financial aid is important to you

Learn about the State Grant program on this website or on the Minnesota Office of Higher Education's website.

Yes! All you need is a willingness to share your own story with legislators. Ready to get started? Act now.